About Us

Our company rests it’s reputation on our high level of customer satisfaction. We are privately owned and operated since 1998.

Our customers range from paper companies, to those in the food industry and reside around the corner and around the world, including Rhode Island and Mexico.

Corporate Responsibility

At City Machine Corporation we try our best to do our part in the community. We believe in supporting the community that supports us in so many ways.


– At City Machine, we take every opportunity to decrease our carbon footprint. Recycling our office paper is one way we’re earth-conscience. We remove many pounds of scrap metal from our facility each month. Our scrap metal recycling program is something we are proud to take part in.

Community Outreach

– We are always up for a challenge at City Machine and offer our help in the community when we see a project fit. If you have a project in need of machine shop help, give us a call!


Holyoke Girls Softball

holyoke girls softball team

Holyoke Girls Softball team


hall of fame

International Volleyball Hall of Fame

International Volleyball Hall of Fame

Class of 2016, Misty May-Treanor, USA, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, shown right

Eternal Flame

In 2003, City Machine Corporation assisted in creating a memorial for 9/11 victim Melissa Harrington-Hughes. Ms. Harrington-Hughes was on the 101st floor of the World Trade Center when the first plane hit. She was a 31-year-old newlywed, native to West Springfield, living in San Fransisco with her husband. She was in New York City on a business trip.

eternal flame monument

Melissa Harrington-Hughes Eternal Flame Monument

Small Business of the Year (2000)

The Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce named City Machine Corporation Small Business of the Year in 2000. We are proud to be honored in this way.

small business of the year certificate

Small Business of the Year Certificate

Meet Princess, The Office Cat!